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"Not Of Them" is a growing collective of creatives dedicated to capturing and presenting compelling stories of people, countries, legacies from around the world of which the world ignores due to a false grid of who is and is not valuable. The major market focuses on those with platforms, while western leadership tells the lie that "influencing the influencers" is what is most important; "Not of them" pulls from the Hebraic standard in the scriptures of people with great faith who had dynamic courage to die in caves, be sawed in two, go about in sheep's clothing of "whom the world was not worthy".

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Not of them started with a dream. The dream, to tell stories of people in the margins whom society feels is not worthy of press. It started with a trip to Nepal with two videographers, a writer, and a sound engineer. That team came back asking the question, what if this was our normal and we invited others along in the journey. The group wanted to inspire other creatives to tell stories bigger than themselves, of humanity, of God and his narrative throughout creation.

We pride ourselves in taking the basic necessities needed to capture the rawest and highest quality videos and images needed to tell the story from the natives perspective and not ours. We let the time in our locations lead the trip, with preparation on the front end, but we never let the preparation hinder us from where the story may move  us.


Seeing the docu-film on the slave trade and how my ancestors were a part of that helped me see my privilege...I need to be a part of something bigger.

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Our Collective has people who have lived and live in over 60 countries, shot and covered thousands of people groups from film, writing, to photography and aid...we are a family...we are one.



Before I went on a trip I saw the short docu-film they did. It hit me hard.

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