(Past) From March 15th-25th)

Our team of five (two photographers, two videographers and a writer) set out to cover the historic ruins of Ghana's slave castles, slave markets, and slave dungeons in light of modern day life. They produced a cultural coverage book and an award winning docu-film (run-and-gun style) called INEXHAUSTIBLE WATER.



(Completed From June 20-30th)

MUY DIFÍCIL is a short docu-film (with English subtitles) by a creative team of five shot in ten days dealing with the Venezuela crisis and the lengths people are going through to literally stay alive. The award winning short docu-film (shot run-and-gun style) produced is titled MUY DIFÍCIL.



Menton, France photo by: William Haun

Menton, France photo by: William Haun

This run-and-gun style doc (created by a team of 6) is intended to be a short film done through interview form that sees director–Adam “Lumkile” Thomason reflect on his time, along with the team, in southern Europe covering the immigration crisis. This Mediterranean sea crossing is considered the most dangerous border today. While a host of the footage is seen depicting this border we wanted to answer the question "how are the refugees and migrants" doing once they make it? With this film of reflection, we wanted to uncover what the life of refugees and migrants are going through after they make this "deadly" journey. Film available upon request.

(Completed August 24th-September 4th)

Documenting the refugee living situation and needs in Malta, Italy and France